Interior designer Michaeline Fernandez, co-owner with her sister Kelly of butter & velvet HOME & DESIGN knows that her interior design ideas help create happier families. In this age of unlimited distractions, some of which can be dangerous for our children, it is more important than ever for families to spend time together. What makes Michaeline Fernandez’s approach to interior design different is that she always keeps the families’ well-being in mind. Her use of open space layouts, soothing colors and positive, well placed furnishings makes an environment where families can relax, talk, share, and dine together making memories.

Michaeline’s mindful open space approach allows a family to be together while each family member pursues separate interests. Yet the space allows for everyone to easily come together for sharing and discussion. Her designs also make food preparation a focal point of interest during together time. “I eliminate barriers while at the same time I create soothing room designs with unique room layout schemes, color and furnishings that respects the individual” says Michaeline. She believes that as a wife and mother of 4 children along with 4 pets and her extensive, award winning interior design expertise gives her a unique perspective to be sensitive, in a different way, to creating environments where families can more easily be together for quality time. Michaeline is available for interviews and appearances to discuss her healthy family approach and to talk more about positive room designs.